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Cyber Security

Ensure the availability of your business and the security of your information through advanced information security solutions and services for corporate and industrial environments.

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Digital transformation brings important challenges to information security: expanding attack surfaces, remote working, accelerated adoption of cloud and new technologies, new authentication methods, compliance, low threat awareness.New vulnerabilities and attacks appear exponentially at every moment, threatening the survival of private and public companies. Monitoring, detecting and proactively responding to such incidents has become vital.

Portfólio CyberSecurity

Intelliway has extensive experience in information security, providing specialized solutions and services to clients of various sizes and market segments. Our Security Operations Center (SOC) has experts, processes and advanced tools to monitor and protect your assets and information, reducing risk, ensuring compliance and improving business continuity.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Analysis

We carry out penetration tests and vulnerability analysis of internal and external networks, applications, Cloud Computing environments, IoT and industrial environments, simulating the action of attackers to identify existing vulnerabilities. Advanced processes and different types of test batteries are used, such as: Black Box, Gray Box, White Box. Technical and strategic recommendations, prioritized by severity, are presented for the proper mitigation of mapped risks.

Analysis of Credentials and Passwords

We assess the strength of user credentials stored in directory services (Active Directory, for example) by identifying trivial, weak or leaked passwords on the Deep Dark/Web. The results are analytically consolidated and their evolution can be continuously monitored, allowing a considerable reduction of associated risks. We recommend implementing controls to mitigate exploitation of vulnerable credentials through the use of multi-factor authentication solutions, improving password compliance processes and user awareness

Social Engineering and Phishing

We measure the maturity of information technology users through social engineering and phishing techniques. As a result, groups of users and departments with greater exposure to such risks and lack of training and awareness in information security can be prioritized.

Dark/Deep Web Investigation

We identify and investigate information available on the Deep & Dark Web, anticipating possible attack movements against a given organization, as well as leaked data that configure threats to its reputation and information security.

Attack Surface Rating

We identify the extent of your company's or brand's attack surface, with the aim of listing all services and applications present on the Internet and associated with it. We analyze and research intelligence sources on possible attacks targeting the industry and technologies found related to your business.

Information Security Advisory and Consulting

We analyze the configuration of your computing assets and systems, from the perspective of information security, presenting recommendations for updating and optimizing configurations, eliminating or mitigating risks, impacts and the extent of possible cyber attacks.

Design and Implementation of Information Security Solutions

We plan and define network architectures, applications, physical and virtual servers, cloud and storage, focusing on information security, considering the most varied and advanced solutions, such as: Next-Generation Firewalls, WAF, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) , eXtended Detect and Response (XDR), SASE, Identity and Access Management (PIM/PAM), Application and API Security, Secure Development, and Managed Security Services (MSS).

Managed Security Services (MSS)

The managed services (Managed Security Services) include a diversified portfolio of provision of information security tools in service and lease mode, including Firewalls, Endpoint Protection, Secure Wireless, among others, on an 8x5 or 24x7 basis.

Incident Response and Forensic Analysis

We support companies and organizations in critical situations of cyber attacks, covering the identification, investigation, containment, cleaning and restoration of environments during response processes to information security incidents. Our team has extensive experience in this type of activity, having supported clients of all sizes to quickly and safely re-establish their computer systems and businesses.

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