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Accelerate digital transformation. Integrate AI technologies into your business: computer vision and listening, natural language processing, intelligent virtual assistants, and workforce automation.

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Applications & AI

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of computers to perform tasks normally performed by humans. It is the main thrust of the 4th industrial revolution, providing automation, greater competitiveness and innovation for business. AI-enabled systems are distinguished by their autonomy and learning capabilities from interactions with humans and other systems. Thus, they spread exponentially, accelerating operations and management processes, supporting decisions, enabling new products and innovation.

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Intelliway is a pioneer in the application of AI in the business of companies of various sizes and segments. We have an experienced development team that enables the modernization and digital transformation of organizations' businesses.

Cognitive Software Factory

With extensive experience in secure software development methodologies, our software factory develops bespoke solutions that incorporate AI capabilities, including IBM Watson, AWS AI, Azure AI and Google AI. We modernize applications and systems, develop MVPs and concepts that enable the digital transformation of your business, integrated into your technology ecosystem. 

Conversational Intelligence

Conversational intelligence is the platform that automates the business process by performing automated sales, support, consulting and end customer service, in addition to other possibilities. The system is able to understand natural language and capture the real intention of its customers, through interactions based onchatbotsand document processing, performing actions and tasks in an automated way.

Computer Vision

Computer vision intelligence allows automatic interpretation and analysis of images and videos. With this feature, you can identify patterns and objects, understand text, handwriting, detect emotions, and much more.

Computer vision is becoming a gold standard for automating tasks in diverse niches such as industry, agriculture, health and safety.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning is the ability of AI to learn automatically, enabling the creation of knowledge bases using documentation provided by users and continuous use of the system. This type of artificial intelligence allows complex tasks to be performed with ever-increasing precision in virtually any business process.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning refers to the most advanced form of machine learning. This technology has been increasingly used in the areas of computer vision and facial recognition, extracting data from documents, training conversational robots, among others, as it allows computers to identify hidden patterns in the data, helping to make better decisions.

Smart Social Listening

AI-powered social listening enables the identification of comments and conversations with information relevant to a brand across the web and social media. All mentions of a particular brand, person, competitor, market, among others, are considered, analyzed and transformed into actions to optimize and improve the relationship with stakeholders. Mentions of organizations do not always happen directly and/or explicitly on the internet, therefore, in order to be able to “listen” to the parties and correctly detect the reputation, several social listening algorithms can be used with the help of Artificial Intelligence to deliver a result sophisticated and high added value.

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