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Wine Club: Computer Vision Neural Network

Clube Wine is the largest wine club in Latin America and has around 140,000 members who receive wines from the best terroirs in the world, with prices at least 25% below those practiced in the market.

Those who are passionate about wines know that this universe goes far beyond flavors: it is a world full of knowledge. Through the application, it is possible to access Wineverso, Wine's digital magazine, with diverse content, interviews with experts and recipes for different pairings.


  • Scope: Neural network based on computer vision capable of recognizing wines through the label.

  • Channels: Application

  • Goals:

Improve the sales process;

Improve the end-user experience in the item review and procurement process.

  • Challenges: Learning from a base of more than 5000 wines.

Intelliway develops intelligent solutions (based on artificial intelligence) for markets of any nature.

Do you want to know how Intelliway can help your company? Do it like Wine:



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