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Steela: ArcelorMittal's Artificial Intelligence

World leader in steel production and one of the largest in mining, the ArcelorMittal Group has customers in 160 countries and has more than 190,000 employees.

In its 11 research centers, around 1,300 researchers develop more efficient products and processes aimed at generating value for customers and ensuring future growth.

Together with Intelliway, Steela, the artificial intelligence responsible for the Supply Division, was developed. In this way, ArcelorMittal was able to democratize access to information with transparency and agility, reducing bureaucracy and waiting time in consulting data and documentation, in addition to guaranteeing standardized and quality service at all times.

With industrial operations in five Brazilian states (Bahia, Mato Grosso do Sul, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo) and commercial operations throughout the country, ArcelorMittal offers the market products and solutions for Civil Construction, Industry and Agribusiness.


  • Scope: Service to the internal and external public of the supply department

  • Goals:

Facilitate access to information contained in instruction documents

Assist customers with information about access, process, sales and purchase.

  • Challenges: Learning based on more than 1600 documents.

  • Channels: Web and Telegram.

  • Benefits: Increased service reach and adherence, in addition to significantly reducing cost and time per service.

Services supported via artificial intelligence have grown on a large scale and are the main impact of technology on business. Its main functions are to optimize operations, whether administrative, financial, sales or related to customer service. All in an intelligent, safe, efficient way and with 100% availability, reducing bureaucracy in business processes.

Intelliway develops intelligent solutions (based on artificial intelligence) for markets of any nature.

Want to know how an intelligent virtual assistant can help your business? Do like ArcelorMittal:



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