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GDPR: Ensuring the Privacy and Security of Personal Information

Have you ever thought about the privacy and security of your personal information? If you stop to think about it, can you remember all the physical or virtual companies that have your personal data stored?

This is an important subject that has been overlooked for a long time. However, today there is a law that guarantees the privacy and security of your personal information.

GDPR exists to regulate how companies collect and use customers' personal information.

Thus, a company that asks for your ID number, e-mail, cell phone number, address, among others, needs to have processes and systems in place to ensure the preservation of this data.

Continue reading the article to understand everything about the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation.

What is GDPR?

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) was created primarily to protect people's privacy and freedom.

Additionally, the law created a standard to regulate data protection. Until this happened, there was nothing official and companies did not suffer sanctions in case of sharing data without people's authorization.

Thus, the GDPR was created in 2018. In Brazil, it was official in 2020. After that, in 2021, the sanctions started to be applied.

This whole process took years to happen because, in fact, there are several changes that need to happen in companies. In this sense, both small and large companies needed to undergo these changes and reorganize their processes.

As a result, your personal data is now safer than in the past. And with that, you can fill out forms and registrations without worrying too much about it nowadays.

Why is the Privacy and Security of Personal Information important?

Even though having privacy these days may seem like a utopia, it shouldn't be. Especially when we are talking about digital privacy, and also people's privacy in general.

After a long time of discussions and proposals on how it would be possible to guarantee the privacy and security of personal information, the GDPR was created and everything changed.

If before each company decided what to do with customers' personal data, today there are standardized procedures for this. Likewise, with greater privacy for people, we also gain more security.

Privacy and security of personal information today

Both the privacy and security of personal information are completely necessary today. That's because we are connected all the time, solving every problem we have through the phone or computer.

Nowadays on cell phones, we have bank applications, virtual stores, social networks, and various sites that ask for our personal data.

With that in mind, bank applications, for example, need to guarantee the complete security of people's financial data. Likewise, a store that accepts payment by credit card also needs to have a sophisticated security system in place.

Importance of the GDPR in this context

Thus, the privacy and security of personal information need to be priorities in companies. And this is where the GDPR becomes so important.

The law is necessary because many companies do not correctly collect and use people's data. Therefore, having a law regulated by the federal government becomes necessary.

With the GDPR, organizations cannot collect people's data without asking for their authorization. And in addition to authorization, which guarantees people's privacy if they so wish, it is also necessary to take action to improve security.

In order to provide greater data security, it is necessary to have tools, systems, procedures, among other initiatives.

Responsibilities of Companies under the GDPR: Obligations and Compliance

As a law created to protect people, many rules and obligations were imposed on companies. This goes for digital businesses and also for physical ones like stores and service providers. In addition to retail, organizations in the health, education, and industrial areas also needed to adapt to the new rules.

With that in mind, you can reflect and remember places where you had to fill out a form or accept a data-sharing term.

The truth is that people often don't pay much attention to what they sign or give the OK on the computer or cell phone screen. But if you start paying attention, you'll realize that this type of request for acceptance of terms of use of personal data is much more common today.

More obligations for companies regarding the privacy and security of personal information

Another very important issue to ensure the privacy and security of personal information is to create a risk analysis procedure. Thus ensuring that the storage of personal information takes place on secure servers.

To do this correctly, and with the best possible effectiveness, it is important to hire companies that specialize in this type of service.

How the GDPR inspection takes place

As the GDPR is a law, there is an institution behind the inspection. In Brazil this is called ANPD (National Authority for the Protection of Personal Data).

However, in addition to the ANPD, there are also data processing agents. These agents can be controllers, operators, and clerks. Each of these people has a different role in ensuring the privacy and security of people's personal information.

Unlike what happened in the past, in Brazil today there are fines for cases of security breaches. Fines can reach up to 2% of the annual revenue of the company that had a security breach. However, there is a limit to the fines. Thus, each infraction can have a fine of up to R$ 50 million.

The numbers are really high and that is why it is essential that companies follow current legislation. The big goal is to have no leaks and keep personal information safe.

Therefore, organizations need to do something to meet the demands, and if they are not already following the guidelines of the law, they must urgently make changes.

The Importance of GDPR to Preserve the Privacy and Security of Personal Information

As you have already noticed, the GDPR is very important today. Because it is through this law that companies are able to preserve the privacy and security of their customers' personal information.

It is clear that the adaptation of companies and also of the population is something that has been happening and will continue to happen over time. With the data protection law, we are starting a new culture of privacy and security of personal information.

In the information era we live in today, obtaining personal data and information has been a major goal for criminals. Thus, considering all this, the responsibility is great and everyone must be aware of and committed to guaranteeing the privacy and security of personal information.

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