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Development of an Artificial Intelligence App for Pregnant Women

LatchAid is the only breastfeeding and mothering app powered by innovation and empathy. He offers help when needed and advice when needed.

LatchAid was developed for mothers and their babies and designed to provide all the support, knowledge, comfort and community needed to successfully breastfeed.

Interacting with high-quality 3D animations that demonstrate breastfeeding techniques is more effective than reading about them. With the LatchAid app, you can watch a 3D virtual mother breastfeeding her baby in different positions (e.g. cross cradle, rugby, lying on her side) to support her learning of vital breastfeeding skills.

This includes how to hold your baby, how to spot the signs of hunger, and how to position your baby correctly for optimal latching. You can customize the app so that the virtual mother has different breast sizes and skin tones. Interactive animations show 360-degree anatomical views of baby's mouth, nipple position and milk-sucking movement. Since the app is touch screen compatible, you can control what you see by rotating or zooming in on the animations.


  • Scope: Consultancy and monitoring of pregnant and lactating women in the UK.

  • Challenges: Training a neural network capable of assimilating the knowledge of decades of experience in consultants specializing in pregnancy and lactation.

  • Channels: Application.

  • Benefits: Monitoring the health, mood and well-being of pregnant and breastfeeding women, bringing comfort and 24×7 support to this group of clients.

Intelliway develops intelligent solutions (based on artificial intelligence) for markets of any nature.

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