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Artificial Intelligence to Boost Sales

Benevix is a benefits administrator created by specialists with more than 20 years in the health market. Its mission is to enable more people to have access to benefit products through trained employees and good service.

Aiming to improve service and reduce waiting time, the company, in partnership with Intelliway, developed VIC, Benevix's virtual assistant. It is a software developed using artificial intelligence to provide customers with fast and accurate information, helping to deal with recurring sales issues, enabling high commercial performance.

As a result, the company now has an innovative tool, created to leverage and scale sales of health plans and benefits.

Benevix is the largest network of clinics, laboratories and hospitals in Brazil.


  • Scope: Sale of health plans

  • Challenges: Integration with the CRM / Sanitation of the customer base.

  • Channels: Whatsapp

  • Benefits: Increase in the number of health plan sales and return of former customers.

Services supported via artificial intelligence have grown on a large scale and are the main impact of technology on business. Its main functions are to optimize operations, whether administrative, financial, sales or related to customer service. All in an intelligent, safe, efficient way and with 100% availability, reducing bureaucracy in business processes.

Intelliway develops intelligent solutions (based on artificial intelligence) for markets of any nature.

Want to know how an intelligent virtual assistant can help boost sales at your company? Do like Benevix:



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