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Virtual Assistant for Kurumá Appointments

In 1992, the increase in vehicle imports stimulated the opening of a dealership owned by the Japanese automaker Toyota in Espírito Santo. Thus, that year the first Kurumá was inaugurated in Cariacica (ES), which took over the resale of Toyota and Lexus cars in Greater Vitória. Today, Kurumá operates in Espírito Santo, in the municipalities of Vitória, Vila Velha, Serra, Cariacica, Guarapari, Linhares, Colatina, Cachoeiro de Itapemirim, São Mateus and Venda Nova do Imigrante.

In order to guarantee the best experience for its customers, Kurumá, in partnership with Intelliway, implemented the virtual assistant on its service platforms. The Assistant performs 4 types of scheduling: Review, Maintenance, Repair and Recall. Appointments can be made from any device with internet access and at any time, in a simple, fast and functional way.

Kurumá, from Grupo Águia Branca, a reference in Toyota's excellence programs.


  • Scope: Service Scheduling for Toyota customers

  • Challenges: Integration of the solution with legacy applications, bringing agility and convenience to the user on a 24×7 scale and reducing service costs.

  • Channels: Web and Whatsapp.

  • Benefits: Reduction of scheduling costs, service agility, service availability.

Services supported via artificial intelligence have grown on a large scale and are the main impact of technology on business. Its main functions are to optimize operations, whether administrative, financial, sales or related to customer service. All in an intelligent, safe, efficient way and with 100% availability, reducing bureaucracy in business processes.

Intelliway develops intelligent solutions (based on artificial intelligence) for markets of any nature.

Do you want to know how an intelligent virtual assistant can optimize the service process in your company? Do like Kuruma:



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