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Meet the Virtual Assistant Alesinha

The Legislative Assembly of Espírito Santo (Ales) is a pioneer in the Brazilian public sector to implement a customer service via virtual assistant. With the development of Intelliway, the assembly began to use the chatbot with artificial intelligence to facilitate communication between companies and consumers. Check out the characteristics of this case that was featured in Forbes.

  • Objective: Service to Ales employees and citizens of the state of Espirito Santo.

  • Challenges: Solving doubts related to the ES legislative assembly, assisting in the process of issuing identity cards, orders, minutes, transparencies, bills, among others.

  • Channels: Internet

  • Benefits: Greater approximation of the house with the citizen of Espírito Santo and servers.

RESULTS And the bet on the tool already shows success in the results. Alesinha, as the virtual assistant was named, reached an average of 3,000 consultations per month, with a 97% approval rate and a very quick capacity to deliver information. Implemented in 2020, the initial idea was to serve the employees of the House, but it expanded its activities to the population. The objective is to democratize access to information with transparency and agility, reducing bureaucracy and waiting time when consulting public data. With interactions developed from information taken from 10 databases related to the activities of the Legislative power of Espírito Santo, Alesinha answers questions about expenses of state deputies, legislation passed and in progress, agendas of the day, Ales employees, bids, bills and link to ombudsman and complaints. The robot also schedules face-to-face services, such as issuing IDs. The tool was developed by the Information Technology sector of Ales in partnership with the information security and artificial intelligence company Intelliway and can be accessed from the website of the Legislative Assembly of Espírito Santo or from Telegram. Over the next 12 months, the population of Espírito Santo will also be able to interact with Alesinha via WhatsApp and the service will gain new tools, such as a resource for people to ask questions about topics addressed in the discussions at the Ales plenary. As explained by Ales' IT director, Dorimar Mandatto, in an interview with Forbes, the audio of the discussions will be transcribed and stored in the system that supplies the artificial intelligence.

“Our proposal is that Alesinha carry out a complete search in the assembly databases, an immediate reading and make available any information that the population wants to know.” Dorimar Mandatto. IT Director at ALES

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